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What classic song contains the lyrics "And the forests will echo with laughter.."?
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In 1924, what dressing did a chef at New York's Waldorf Astoria create by adding pickles, cream and green peppers to Russian dressing?
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What once called Lady Gaga's music "reductive" in an interview?
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Of the 189 of these troops active at the time, 147 died during the Sack of Rome in 1527 while covering the escape of Pope Clement VII. Who were they?
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I used to hate the water. I can't imagine why' are the last words spoken in which film?
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Who was captain of the Titanic on her maiden voyage?
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Mayo Clinic researchers warned that what dieting drug can cause severe heart and lung damage?
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Which whole continent is classified as a desert?
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Renaissance artist Raphael's first painting teacher was whom?
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Who was Harold Godwinson, or Harold II?

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